Samurai Action fight Assassin-Samurai Warrior: Action Fight v1.0.92 APK + MOD (God Mode/One Hit)

Samurai Action fight Assassin-Samurai Warrior: Action Fight v1.0.92 APK + MOD (God Mode/One Hit) title=

Samurai Action fight Assassin


Samurai is an action-adventure game set in the world of ancient Japan when samurai were still widely available and fought for honor. Moreover, the goal and plot are also lively and attractive for players to immerse themselves in countless wars spread across Japan or splendid clans.


Combat mechanics in Samurai are fast and constantly challenge the player’s reflexes in many complex or dangerous situations. They can also combine skills and actions to create countless interesting and eye-catching combos to destroy enemies or raise perfection in each level. The tempo of each battle will also gradually change significantly, giving players a real experience of the glorious battles of the samurai.


The game’s upgrade system has many different depths and directions for players to create their fighting style. Besides skills, new attack combos are also useful, making gameplay more vibrant and giving players the absolute flexibility of a top samurai. However, the conditions to upgrade for all content are complicated, requiring them to destroy a required amount of targets from the system.


The story of Samurai is conveyed vividly and emotionally through each frame and large-scale war events. It also shows the unique cultural features of ancient Japan, making players understand the honorable value of a samurai on the battlefield, even understand their actions. In addition, the supporting characters also successfully revealed realistic expressions, letting players immerse and enjoy everything to the fullest.


Additional quests are great opportunities for players to earn bonuses for expensive skills or equipment. The content of the missions is also rich and diverse, such as requiring the player to destroy important and influential targets on the battlefield or similar. On the contrary, they can cause players to transport a few simple things but can trigger unusual and impressive quest chains.

Samurai, though, has fast-paced gameplay and mainly revolves around the battles or honor of the samurai from ancient times. However, a plot twist or gameplay development has a lot of potentials. At the same time gives the player emotional stimulation in the worthy sacrifices or lofty goals.