Hack Computer-Hack Computer v2.3.6 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Hack Computer-Hack Computer v2.3.6 MOD APK (Free Rewards) title=

Hack Computer


Hack Computer brings players the experience of becoming a real hacker with different large and small tasks. From hacking into low-security computers of small organizations to hacking into a country’s national security system with extreme difficulty. Whatever the challenge, there are clues behind the puzzle that it brings. Take advantage of situational analysis and constantly create your solutions to defeat all challenges, from easy to complex, that the game brings on your journey to becoming the best hacker.


Role-playing games have become highly familiar to every player, and they are also the current game trend. Almost every game now orients its game in the direction of role-playing to give a realistic experience to the player, highlighting the specific role the player plays in the game. But other role-playing games will usually provide players with a good role like a hero protecting innocent people or police chasing criminals,… Meanwhile, this game chooses a completely different path when bringing players to the role of a hacker, which is a criminal activity. This is an entertaining game so this incredible creation will bring a great experience to you during your play.


The main operation in the game is the puzzle, which brings countless challenges for players. In participating in the game, players will be challenged with a series of different puzzles to defeat the security system of the target computer. Although the puzzles are difficult, there are also different clues for the player. The difficulty is also clearly divided according to the level or the number of challenges the player has completed. Remember that the more different computers you beat, the more complex your goal will be. Keep honing your skills and become the champion hacker.


The game’s scenes are incredibly diverse, from small rooms to the president’s office for players to challenge themselves. The variety of scenes also provides a better-diversified experience for players to contribute to making players feel more entertained and free to imagine the situation they are facing.


A role-playing game with a very creative and unique theme that brings players to the role of villain but has a clear purpose.Solve tough puzzles by taking advantage of the clues found and successfully hacking the target computer system step by step.The difficulty gets higher and higher based on the number of challenges the player has overcome during his gameplay.Diverse scenes increase imagination and create diverse gameplay inspiration for players without being boring.The operation is extremely simple, mainly thinking and reasoning to find a way to solve your target computer.