Fashion Challenge: Life Design-Fashion Challenge: Life Design v46 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Fashion Challenge: Life Design-Fashion Challenge: Life Design v46 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) title=

Fashion Challenge: Life Design


Fashion Challenge: Life Design will be the place to turn your dream of becoming a designer into reality in the blink of an eye. You won’t expect that you will collaborate with famous people in the fashion industry and hand-match everyone, including well-known stars. Use your aesthetic vision to bring your name a step to the top, and many people know.


Working in the fashion industry for a long time, everyone knows that organizing a fashion show is obvious. It happens pretty often so that everyone can wear the most splendid outfits. You will play the role of a reasonably young girl who has just started her job at a large fashion company, and you have just received good news from your superiors. A fashion challenge show will take place in the next few days, and luckily you have been assigned the job of in charge of that day’s show. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to prove your true talent to everyone.

You will start with the first customer of the program, and in front of you is a girl who looks quite messy from hair to clothes, so you are the one who will help her change. Let’s start with some essential work that is to get rid of all unnecessary things like glasses that make her look like a bookworm. Even her clothes were quite outdated, and she looked like a college student. Now is the time to revamp everything and make her really shine on the red carpet.


The purpose of Fashion Challenge: Life Design is to satisfy your passion for fashion design and overcome the challenges that the game presents through puzzle play. Your task is to touch two or more blocks of the same color and symbol to make it explode, but it is essential to complete the previous request. The requirements are simply to collect enough blocks for the early stages, but the difficulty will gradually increase later on.

After each level, you will receive the main reward of gold coins, and it will help you in shopping for everything because nothing is free for you. That’s why you have to try to overcome all the challenges to earn a lot of money and use it to serve your work. Work hard to make even more money and enjoy shopping for everything from shoes, clothes to accessories.


With any game about fashion design, owning a collection of many beautiful costumes is indispensable, even this game. It will create more excitement for players when they feel like they are the owners of beautiful outfits they cannot get in real life. They are all invested quite carefully in terms of images so that you will notice that there is not any overlap between the clothes.

A shirt or pants and a variety of other accessories such as bags or shoes are so many that you cannot count them all. As long as you have enough money for yourself, you can buy anything you want without worrying about the price. Your customers will also feel very excited if they can wear expensive clothes.


Become a famous fashion designer with unique products created by yourself.Start your work with an ordinary person who has no concept of fashion.Develop your career and earn a lot of money for an increasingly famous business.Collaborate and work with top models and celebrities in the world fashion industry.Graphics are designed in the best way so that players can create amazing costumes by themselves.