My City: My Friend's House-My City: My Friend's House v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked Full Version)

My City: My Friend's House-My City: My Friend's House v3.0.0 APK + MOD (Unlocked Full Version) title=

My City: My Friend's House


Welcome to My City: My Friend’s House – this is a game listed in the educational category. Come to this game if you want to have the opportunity to create many interesting stories for yourself. Players can experience exciting adventures, and especially, many fun challenges are waiting for you. In this game, dozens of new characters are refreshed daily. Many mysterious areas and many interesting objects are waiting for you to explore and find. Create your special story with us.


Because it is a highly educational game, it has reached millions of young children and many parents. When the children participate in this game, they will be free to discover their own creativity. Thanks to its educational and delightful nature, this game is suitable for most children of all ages. A 3-year-old is also easy to play with, and it’s also fun enough to attract children of different ages to enjoy.


Every story in My City: My Friend’s House is like a miniature real life. Or to say, it’s like a dollhouse that has it all, including the necessary interactions. For the events in this game, the player can touch and interact with most of the objects you see. All the characters we create have a unique color, each with its own personality and character. Explore and interact with each object in this game together, and then you will also create your story.


Known My City: My Friend’s House is a popular children’s game. It always gives the little ones the best experience ever. In this game, there are a total of 8 different locations for you to explore. Each space will bring a different story created by yourself, and you will play the role of people with special stories. Ensure you regularly check the baby’s room and the baby’s room if you don’t want bad things to happen.

Not only that, you can create your own funny and meaningful love stories. You can watch good movies with your friends at the cinema. Players can prepare snacks such as popcorn while eating and confiding with friends while watching movies. Not only that, you can play games with your lovely friends in the electronic room. Let’s organize a great party together at the pool or garden, with many interesting spaces and many choices for you.


You can change the options, change the participating characters with just one touch. Many interesting stories are waiting for you to experience, and above all, this game has about 20 characters. Your task is to take these characters to different areas and experience many interesting jobs for yourself. You can perform many different jobs from many characters. For example, players can visit the cozy Caravan family of friends. You can join them for a light dinner and listen to their “children” perform as singers.


My City: My Friend’s House has no time limit, and you can do whatever you want with this game. Not only that, the story limit is completely endless, and you can design it according to your imagination. A fun and light game will bring you memorable moments, and when you come to this game, you will be able to be yourself and play your way. In addition, the entertainment of this game is extremely high, it will not stress you, and you can freely test your abilities.


This is a safe game for the little ones, and it will provide a large creative space for everyone. When knowing this game, children will try to do their dream jobs, be a model, or be a respected doctor, all possible. People know this is a highly educational game, and with just a small amount of money, you can buy a good educational tool. About this game, you will not be bothered by 3rd party ads or IAP.

When you join My City: My Friend’s House together, you can connect the stories that take place in the game. When you do, people can come together to share their stories about how they work or how they play. With just one download, you can experience many interesting mini-games in this—many interesting stories created by you among options, more special, and more engaging.