Metal Ranger-Metal Ranger v3.45 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Metal Ranger


Metal Ranger, a 2D shooter with a retro aesthetic, included a substantial quantity of material that adhered to the sci-fi action genre popular in the 1980s.

You have an imposing appearance since you are a ranger and wear steel armor. Your opponents are giant mutant extraterrestrial insects of enormous dimensions. Use a diverse range of dangerous weapons in your armory! You can choose a flamethrower, grenade launcher, laser gun, plasma gun, or laser gun. You can even get your hands on a plasma cannon. You can level up your character by completing tasks, enhancing your armor and health, and earning money. You can also accumulate experience points. Your adventure will begin in an industrial complex on Mars. You will have to fight through spooky underground vaults and winding metal tunnels to reach a retro-cyberpunk-style future metropolis.

You may fully test your Metal Ranger against the game’s monster bosses, which range from a big armored slug to a giant spider. These bosses come in a range of shapes and sizes. The game’s ambiance is reminiscent of the golden age of video games, with neon signs, haloed lights, metal ramps and walkways, classic side-scrolling action, and synth-wave music throughout. A fresh perspective on the classic shoot-em-up genre; genuine 3D environments; rising challenge as you progress through the game; a superior armament consisting of an assault rifle, flamethrower, Minigun machine gun, plasma gun, and other weapons; ambient music evocative of 1980s electronic music; compatibility with older electronic equipment working without hiccups There are eight offline levels to play, as well as a cooperative game for two people. Metal Ranger is more than meets the eye in terms of content regarding the platform shooter subgenre. This is a display of nostalgia for a bygone era and gratitude for the artists who worked during that period.